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The Arc Cut Pro™ 30D (Heavy Duty Drill & Plasma), makes drilling, milling, tapping, plasma, and oxy-fuel applications a breeze. Boasting a powerful 20HP motor, supporting bits up to 2 inches, and easily swappable cutting tools, the Arc Cut Pro 30D is sure to step up your production!

XPR300 represents Hypertherm’s most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology ever and it's now available in multi-torch configurations.

  • Increases cut speed
  • Triples consumable life in many applications
  • Slashes operating costs by over 50%
  • Dramatically improves productivity
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The Arc Cut Pro™ plasma table controller includes two extremely powerful plate nesting and cutting programs to give you all the tools needed to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Check out our machine software demo video and click the link below to learn more!